Sarah Darer Littman
1 min readFeb 26, 2022

(with apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

Book cover of Goodnight Moon photoshopped to read Goodnight Q-Anon

In the dark concrete room

There was a Satanic pedophile

And a sense of doom

And a picture of —

A fascist authoritarian loon

There were three little sheeple with lizard people

And coastal elites

Who practiced deceit.

And the latest Q Drop

And an Oathkeeper cop

And a QAnon Shaman

Who’s as bad as Haman

And a hoax, a Big Steal and Rep ‘Space Laser’ Greene

And loudmouth old man who won’t get the vaccine

Good night room

Good night Doom

Good night fascist authoritarian loon

Good night elites

Good night Sheeple

Good night Satan

And lizard people

Good night stupid libtards

Good night MTG

Internet research

beats a master’s degree

Goodnight Q drop

Goodnight cop

Goodnight elites

Goodnight truckers blocking the streets

Goodnight Space Lasers

Goodbye MTG

Good night big steal,

Good night hoax

Goodnight old man,

too bad you croaked

Goodnight stars and goodnight air

Goodnight conspiracies everywhere.



Sarah Darer Littman

insatiably curious middle-grade/young adult author, writing mentor. SOME KIND OF HATE 11/1/22 Scholastic Press #medialiteracy